Specialized audiovisual production and consulting for the human rights community.

What is Kuro?


Kuro is a dynamic collective of professionals in filmmaking, communications, research, publishing, and translation & conference interpretation. Each of us works within the broader human rights space, albeit from different perspectives. So we know how the sector works, and how to respond to your needs.

A few years ago, we realized that many organizations, whether UN agencies, NGOs, local bodies, or research institutes, are calling haphazardly on service providers when organizing events or looking to promote their work. A lot of time and resources are lost coordinating all those actors and activities.

So we decided to band together and consolidate all these needs under one roof, allowing you to rest easy and most importantly, focus on your organizational objectives.

Our Services

Film & Photography

Research & Editing

Conference Services

Translation & Interpretation

Let’s Work Together 

References and pricing upon request. Tell us about your project and goals, and we’ll move the conversation on from there.


Email us at kurocollective@protonmail.com

Or call us at +41 78 733 68 98

(also reachable via Telegram, WhatsApp and Signal)